Jacobi zip files for offline access

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Parent Directory - jacobi-0.4.4-full.zip 2018-05-15 07:17 371K jacobi-0.6.4-full.zip 2019-05-25 08:03 468K

Files ending with "-full.zip" contain every file needed to run Jacobi offline. After decompressing, you should get a "jacobi" directory containing the subdirectories "libs" and "v?.?.?".

Running Jacobi

If you have an old browser, then open the file solver.html found inside of the directory jacobi/v?.?.? with your browser to start Jacobi.

If clicking on the solver "Start" button doesn't work, then it means that your browser has issues loading local wasm files. Try one the alternatives below. This should be the necessary for the following browsers:

Alternative 1 (but Jacobi runs ~40% slower)

Modify the end of the address to solver.html#solver?asmjs , click "go", and hit "refresh".

Alternative 2 (but Jacobi runs ~40% slower)

Open solver.html, type window.location.hash="#solver?asmjs" in the JavaScript console, and hit "refresh".

Alternative 3 (difficult)

  1. Open a terminal
  2. Navigate to the "jacobi" directory
  3. Run the command python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8080
  4. In your browser, open the URL http://localhost:8080/v?.?.?/solver.html (change v?.?.? to the version that you want).