My published chess problems

Here are some published chess problems that I composed with a computer. Most of them are proof games. I like proof games because the desired aesthetics are easier to program than for a typical "mate in n" problem. I say "composed with a computer" because really the computer is the one finding the problem. Still, it takes a lot of skills from my part to imagine problems that aren't trivial for humans to compose, yet do not require the age of the universe to compute. The problems are not necessarily better than the human-created ones, but the style is different.

MonthMagazineProblem #StipulationIntended theme
2004-04Problemesis 38, retros R142proof gametwin problem with vertical symmetry
R143proof gamerecord of the most depleted "at-home" position
R144proof gamefullest "at-home" position with no pawns
2004-06Problemesis 39, retros R152proof game every move is a capture with nightriders (anticipated)
R153proof gamemaximum length in one-sided chess with no pawn move
R154proof gametwin problem found in my set of 89 3-piece problems in 17.0 moves
2004-08Problemesis 40, retros R171proof gamemaximum length with all 16 pawns present on their start squares
R172proof gameeach side ends up with pieces of the same type through massacre and promotion
2005-02Problemesis 43, retros R187proof gamesymmetric "at-home" position with asymmetric solution
2005-03Probleemblad Mar-Apr 2005, retros R274proof gamesymmetric, at-home, 2 solutions (with Joost de Heer)
2005-04Problemesis 44, retros R192proof gamemaximum length with pawn moves only T1-10T6series A=>B proof game, Platzwechsel Circetwin problem, no solution in n+1 moves (with Alexandre Leroux)

Problemesis was an online, bilingual French-English chess problem magazine.

Competitions in which I participated

2005-02Problem Online, proof game task tournament 1 (with Alexandre Leroux)proof gameknight polygon of maximum area
2005-05Messigny 2005, proof game composition tournamentproof gamea piece A intercepts a piece B on 2 different lines
2006-11Diagrammes, thematic tourney (in French)series A=>B proof gamemost moves, only two kings remaining
2006-12French ISC 2007, Christmas composing tourney [proof game awards]Multicaptures chess(free)
2008-07Itamar Faybish, tournament 3 (see the "Addendum" on the Results page)series help-stalemate, Lortap chessmost moves
2008-12French ISC 2009, Christmas composing tourney [retro awards] [all awards (in French)]Provocateurs chess(free), thematic tournament 2 (with Alexandre Leroux)any series stipulation, fairy allowedmost moves, no solution in n+1 moves

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